Course: Melodic Techno

Track From Start To Finish

  • Start To Finish. Starting from nothing we are creating drums, sounds, fx, chords, arrangements, until we have a finished, mixed & mastered track.
  • Follow along the full production process. While going through all important stages of the production, everything will be explained in detail.
  • Pick up tricks and skills, save valuable time. Learn new techniques and apply them to your own productions right away.
  • Ableton Live 9 + Massive. We are only using these two pieces of software.

We will go through:

  • Idea generation (Arrangement View)
  • Advanced MIDI writing techniques
  • Writing fat and powerful drums
  • Writing Chords
  • Sound Design (with Ableton and using NI Massive)
  • Creating industrial effects and noise techniques
  • Filtering, EQing, Envelope shaping
  • Layering and sound stacking
  • Creating melodic techno melodies
  • Creative arrangement (taking your 8 Bar loops and turning them into a full song)
  • Mixing: We are completely mixing the track using techniques like "frequency masking", mid-side mixing, and many more
  • Mastering: in the end we are fully mastering the track with a custom Ableton effect rack chain.

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Contents of this course: 

Part 1: Setup & Introduction

In this part we are setting up Ableton, downloading the files, talking about the general workflow and getting started.​

Part 2: Building the basics (Arrangement View)

In this part we are starting with the production of a drum pattern, adding kicks, claps, high hats and other percussion elements. We then tweak those sounds to taste and add effects to make them sit nicely together. We're also adding the first instruments, bass sounds, stabs, pads and arp​eggios. Then, we're designing effects to support the general atmosphere of the track.

Part 3: Putting it together

This part is focussed on the song arrangement. We are discussing how to set up a typical club arrangement, where to add tiny and longer break parts, how to develop tension ​and when and how to release it. We're producing intro and build-up parts, the arrangement towards our main drop and the developments after the main drop as well as the outro.

Part 4: Working on transitions

This section is focussed on fine-tuning the arrangement, we are trying to get our transitions as natural and smooth as possible, making use of lots of tricks and effects along the way.​

Part 5: Finalizing - Mixing and Mastering

In this finalizing part we are cleaning up our project to prepare it for our mixing stage. The mixing stage is one of the most important steps before mastering, so we are trying to get everything as clean and well organized as possible.  We are talking about different mixing techniques in this part too. Then we are entering the mastering stage, setting up a complete mastering chain using only Ableton built-in effects and discussing why we are choosing the elements in that way. ​

Part 6: Bonus videos​

This section contains an Ableton-refresher for everybody feeling that its been a while since their last Ableton session. We also added videos on how to create custom audio effects and racks in Ableton Live and how to set up your own instruments, just using multiple recordings. ​We are also addressing important differences between the Ableton versions 9.2 and 9.5 and higher.

Is this course for you?

What you'll get from this course

After having taken this class, you'll have seen a complete production process first hand, starting from nothing and working through all the different important stages of the production process, from start to finish. The track we are making is inspired by artists like Ame, Boris Brechja and of course, Francois Rengere.

Is it for you?

You want to see the complete production process step by step and follow along at your own pace. You want a comprehensive understanding of Ableton Live. You are interested in creating tracks, drums, sound designs on your own in a professional way. You are looking to understand the deeper levels of Ableton Live and you like to see how to start from scratch going all the way to the finished, mixed & mastered product.

Files are provided to follow along:

This is a very hands-on and deep class showing you how to produce a track from scratch - with tons of content, tricks, and tips on production, workflow, beat design, sound design, mixing and mastering. You’ll be getting the complete finished track as template session you can play around with. Additionally you’re getting all the drum samples and MIDI files to work with.

What Software and Plugins are we using?

Through the whole course we will be using Ableton Live 9 Standard Edition. We are also using one external plugin: Native Instruments Massive in a version higher than 1.3.xx. So if you are running these two, you are good to go. If you want to make use of the provided Ableton Project, be sure to run a version of Ableton Live 9.7 or higher.

We will make this track:

Francois Studio

About the Teacher: Francois

I'm Francois, classically trained musician and music producer from Germany with an insatiable passion for great sound design, audio engineering and electronic music production. I've released music on labels such as Universal Music, Parquet Recordings, Jannowitz Records and others. Maybe you've also seen some of my tutorials on our YouTube channel "Production Music Live". While constantly on the lookout for new sound design techniques, I decided to share some of my knowledge and skills along the way. You can find some of my music on soundcloud:

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What you're getting:

  • Complete start-to-finish production course and files used
  • 35+ video sessions with lifetime-access
  • Bonus: Ableton Project File created in this course 

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